A Fun Way of Memorising Scripture – with kids

I have to admit this (not boasting in any way:)) – I have been blessed with a good memory. I tend to remember all kinds of random things! Thankfully, I can also remember Scripture verses fairly well. However, as the inevitable ageing process is progressing, my memory power is also becoming a bit feeble (see, that’s why I cannot boast)! Nowadays, I am beginning to learn a new way of memorising Scripture – something that works great with kids. But also for me!

Recently, my husband started a little family challenging of learning the shorter Psalms by heart. The idea developed from one day (my husband was away with only our two sons for a week) as he was having a personal quiet time with one of our kids. They we reading Psalm 23. Seeing that our son was so receptive at memorising the Psalm, he decided to add the actions along with the verses. So, they both started doing the actions corresponding to the verses. The result was amazing! When they came back home (a week later), my son recited the entire Psalm 23 word for word, not missing out on anything! This gave us, as parents, the idea to keep up with the learning and extend it to other Psalms as well. Since Psalms have the character of poetic imagery, they lend themselves very well to learning by action! The challenge is now for our family (mum, dad and those kids that are old enough to memorise things) to remember some chosen Psalms – works really when when we develop actions. We recently finished memorising Psalm 1. The kids (including the littlees) walked, stood, sat, pretended to be a tree – all while acting out this Psalm. What fun it was for them, and also for us as parents to learn Psalms this way.

What we have also been doing is following up on the learning by heart by interpreting the verses that we learnt following prayer to help us understand. I try to catch my sons or daughters at different times of the day (when I think they might be responsive to some chatting time) and reflect on the verses from the Psalms. For example, what does it mean “the Lord is our shepherd, I shall not want”? Or what does it mean personally to you to not sit in the seat of mockers (Psalm 1:1)? You will be surprised what pearls of wisdom your child might come up with!

Some of the Psalms that are quite good for memorising are:

Psalm 1, 3, 13, 15, 46, 67, 70, 93, 100, 101, 113, 121, 127, 128, 130, 131, 134

I mention these Psalms not only because they are relatively short. But because they are short and the themes are mostly alright for children to understand (I leave it to your judgements when you read these Psalm with your own children).

Happy memorising!


Article used with permission. Paushali is happily married to Mark and together they have five children. Paushali attends Crosslight Baptist Church in Singapore. For more information about Paushali, visit her online ministry at paushalilass.com