In order for Asia to be effectively reached, it must be reached by Asian leaders through equipping and empowering of national leaders.Chantha Chhim

Why Asia? Why Now?

In understanding revival and Christianity trends, it appears that the winds of revival seem to blow westward. Well, Asia is in great alignment to experience that revival. Have you heard and seen what God is doing in China, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Korea and Myanmar? Despite the great persecution of some of these countries, God is doing some incredible works. Many are coming to know Christ as their personal Saviour. Many churches are being established. Leaders are being trained and developed to continue the work at hand.

Our Response

Christians around the world have an unprecedented opportunity to partner with SEAL to transform Asian countries and eradicate some of the world’s most horrific injustices. By partnering with SEAL, churches can help equip and empower Asian leaders to reside and plant churches in their respective countries

How will you respond? How will your church respond? Will you answer the call to a greater impact?

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