China Summary

A crisis brews for Christians in China. To the average observer, China is flourishing. With the world’s biggest population, as well as the largest workforce with 803 million workers, China produces a monumental amount of the world’s manufactured goods. Many believe that in ten years, China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy. The 2008 Summer Olympics inspired many to believe that a new era has begun in China, where freedom reigns.

And yet the Chinese government maintains a firm grip on its citizens. A public demonstration of any kind can bring about a brutal government response. The Chinese government has strong regulations for legal Christian churches, so that the only place to freely worship is often found in house churches. The house churches must meet secretly, with Christians ever aware of the risks of being harassed, oppressed, imprisoned, tortured or even murdered for merely believing in the name of Jesus Christ.

How we must pray for our brothers and sisters in China!

Prayer Points

  • Pray for continued Church growth and pure biblical teaching amid ongoing persecution.
  • Pray for Jesus’ teachings to take deep root in the culture and expose all false religions.
  • Pray for a renewed value for life to abolish abortion, suicide, abandonment, and human trafficking.

Quick Facts

Continent: Asia
Capital City: Beijing
Government: Communist State
Population: 1,338,612,968
Major People Groups: 91% Han Chinese, 2% Thai, 2% Mongol
Religion: 77% Non, 8% Buddhist, 7% Christian
Language: Mandarin/Chinese
GDP Per Capita: $7,700
Literacy Rate: 90.9%