Nepal August 2016 Ministry Update

SEAL-NepalSEAL Bible Training Centre

By the marvelous grace and blessings of the Almighty God and with prayer and support from you all, the first phase of our work for the Bible School Building renovation has been done beautifully. However, many things had to be put into place before the academic year began. A new hostel facility, arrangements for the accommodations, and classrooms needed to be taken care of.
We rejoice in the Lord and consider this as a great privilege to serve the Lord with this institution. We covet your fervent prayers for this ministry that the Lord would provide our needs and do more in the days ahead through this institution for His glory.

IMG_8676SEAL Ministry

The Lord’s works are wonderful, miraculous, and amazing. We praise God for His great work through us in the last few months and look forward to His continuous leading and guidance in holding forth of the Word of life and accomplishing the Great Commission in this particular juncture of time for His glory.
One of the great visions God has given to the leaders of SEAL Nepal is to reach out and bring the lost to the saving knowledge of God. We had the privilege of visiting some of the churches, and our visits have been a great encouragement to many. If I am not mistaken, our SEAL leaders have spent most of their time laboring to help those who are lost and needy. We are excited to see the believers progressing and growing spiritually even though they can not read the Bible.

IMG_8446SEAL Children Ministry

God has been so merciful to us with great miracles in the lives of children. God’s hands have been on us, allowing us to strive more effectively in accomplishing even greater things in the lives of children. We were able to reach out to many children this month, helping them develop in their spiritual lives. We put forth our whole-hearted efforts for His glorious works to transform the lives of the children.

Lastly, we thank God for our director, Pastor Chantha Chhim and family for obeying “not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord” for last few years with us. He and his family have been helping in every aspect of the ministry for the glory of the Lord. We pray that the Lord may continuously strengthen Pastor Chhim spiritually and physically that he may remain a dynamic soldier for the Lord until His coming.


In Christ Service,
Hanson Pampuinath