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Greetings and blessings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for the privilege to serve with you all together for the extensional Kingdom of God. I am honored to be a part of SEAL ministry here in Nepal and would like to extend my gratitude to you in this very moment. Thank you for your prayers and support, both financially and spiritually.

I want to share with you how we expanded our ministry during the past month in various places. On July 4th, we conducted ministry in

the Morang district with one of our SEAL churches and Brother Rajkumar. We had children’s ministry along with a time of worship, prayer, and encouragement from the Word of God.  Meeting together is challenging as we face lockdown restrictions. On July 6th we had a Dharan pastors meeting; and on July 9th we turned to Barara for a small relief task to distribute to our believers during lockdown. We had a blessed time of pray and encouragement as we met with them. During our visits, an unsaved family member of one of our members requested prayer.  We were able to pray with him and to share the gospel of why God came to save sinners on this earth. On the 11th we had a blessed fellowship at our SEAL yard.  There we encouraged one another by sharing our ministry experience and discussed ways to go ahead with our ministry during this pandemic. On the 12th we conducted outreach ministry in the Himalayan region. During that time, I had fellowship with our SEAL ChhataChowk church members and also met some children while out. I was able to offer council, prayer, and encouragement during this time of lockdown. On the 15th we all gathered in the orphanage; we sang songs and worshipped God together. We encoura

ged each of the children to be strong in the faith. On the 16th we had fellowship at SEAL Chhatachowk Church. There was a wonderful presence of God. I took time to preach and counsel with our believers during the lockdown. On the 18th we again turned to Barara SEAL Church to have fellowship with all believers.  We prayed with individuals and encouraged one another through the Word of God. Lastly, we returned to Dharan on the 25th where we once again went to the Morang district to have classes, fellowship, and the Lord’s supper with all of the believers.  From there Brother Rajkumar and I went to the border side of Nepal to see all the churches of God.  We met, visited, prayed, and encouraged one another before returning back to our place. In this way we were able to do His precious works on this earth in various regions throughout the past month during this restrictive time of lockdown.

In Christ’s Service,
Saimon Sawod Shiba


– Pray for Chhatachowk Seal fellowship: both their physical needs and spiritual growth
– Musical instruments for Chhatachowk fellowship
– All of Pastor Saimon’s family and ministry, specifically all of his Hindu family members, that they may come to know Christ.