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Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ from Nepal.

I would like to humbly thank the Lord and SEAL NETWORK INT’L for the continuous support of the LEADERSHIP TRAINING CENTRE and church planting ministry in Nepal. Your prayers and support have not been in vain. Men, women, and children are living new lives in Christ because of you.

The centre exists to train young men and women for the future of ministry. This month, we were unable to increase our gospel outreach ministry due to a complete lockdown in our district. The lockdown has caused many of our believers physical and financial struggles as well as isolation.  They have been unable to meet with fellow believers and church pastors and leaders, but this challenge has also turned into opportunity for spiritual growth. Though some of our believers are feeling isolated in their faith, we are continuously trying to remain connected with them by phone and encouraging them to use this time to draw nearer to God.

Pastor Simon and I visited our leader in Barara Village.  He is taking care of our fellowship in Barara Village; we prayed with and encouraged him to trust God during this lockdown. He expressed to us that in these difficult times, when things seem to not be going right, he is learning to depend on God more than ever before. Although the lockdown has been very difficult for him and his family and other believers, God is good.

After returning from the fellowship in Barara Village, Pastor Simon and I noticed the villagers had no face masks to protect themselves. They were out of their homes and gathering in a tree to relax.  This would increase their risks of becoming infected or spreading the virus; we decided to help them. We immediately went to the pharmacy and bought 500 facemasks to distribute. We distributed the masks and told the people to be careful when out gathering with so many others, such as refraining from physical contact and washing their hands frequently.

I am grateful to the Lord for all of the opportunities to serve Him in this ministry. I am praying and planning with “FAITH — faith that God will provide, faith that our ministry partners will grow, and faith that God will continue to use us to cultivate His kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.” I want to thank you for partnering with us, in your prayers and finances, to take the truth to Nepal.

Our hearts are stirring for souls.  We want to reach lost souls, see the Church revived, and rescue this generation through the continuous preaching and sharing of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours faithfully in Christ’s service,

Hanson Pampuinath

Payer requests:

Pray for our SEAL Crosslight Fellowships in different places:

  • Bhaune Dhangihat Village Crosslight Fellowship
  • Khorsane Village Crosslight Fellowship
  • Barara Village Crosslight Fellowship
  • Chatha Chawk Crosslight Fellowship
  • Panmara Village Crosslight Fellowship
  • Abishek Crosslight Church Dharan

Financial needs:

  • Projector/LED for the class room ($1,000)
  • Sound System (Around $2,500)
  • Guitar/Keyboard and other musical instruments ($2,000)
  • Library supplies ($500)
  • All-wheel drive vehicle for the college and ministry purposes ($15,000 for a good used vehicle)