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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Seal ministry Dharan, Nepal. God’s love is immense, and His grace and mercy are beyond our imagination. I am in awe of His majesty as I remind myself that I am nothing but dust before His throne. I thank Almighty God for enabling us to serve Him and allowing us to encourage one another, even though we live in different parts of the world.

The pandemic has been challenging for Christians trying to keep the faith, especially those living in Dharan, Nepal. Believers are easily lured to seek witchcraft to heal their sickness and help them survive. They are looking for ways to earn or receive anything that could possibly rid them of their depression. Since both Hindus and Christians are living in close proximity, some new believers are easily influenced by their Hindu neighbors to seek their gods. On August 1, 2020, I encountered one Christian family being tormented by evil spirits because they had turned to witchcraft for the past few months to heal their sickness. Instead of good things happening, each family member was being tormented by the evil spirits. When I visited their house for prayer and counseling, they narrated all the things which they had gone through, and they confessed their sins to God. I ministered to them; and as we prayed, they repented, cried out to God, and recommitted their lives to Him. I saw the powerful work of God, in how God did not allow this family to perish, but from His throne thought of this family and sent me to them to save their souls from perishing. I am humble to have witnessed God’s amazing love. I know there are numerous other families in similar situations who need God’s Word. Let’s continue praying to God for more harvesters.

Challenges in Quarantine centre.

I left Dharan, Nepal for my follow up treatment. Flying back home, I was quarantined for a month. The scenario now is much different from before COVID-19 and what was normal life. Now, churches are shut, and people are apprehensive to greet one another or talk due to fear of COVID-19. Maintaining social distance has led many to distance from God, because they have not heard the encouraging Word of God to uplift their spirits and to have faith.

During my stay in the quarantine center, I prayed to God for the opportunity to share His Word; I asked the quarantine warden to allowe me to conduct prayer and Bibleteachings, along with following all precautionary measures. I was readily permitted! We had fasting and prayer, along with the preaching of the Gospel.

I thank God for how blessed I am, and that I am able to serve Him in every place I go and in every situation. All glory to God. Presently I am praying to God that I will continue doing ministry amid COVID-19 after I am released from the quarantine centre.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Seltun



  1. God to continue reaching lost souls
  2. Continued financial support
  3. Good health and spiritual life