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Greetings to you in Jesus’ name!

I am grateful to God for everything He is doing in my life and ministry. Sometimes I feel hopeless, and I am restless, especially during the current lockdown as it is affecting me and my family; however, God is so good in everything that He is doing in my life. During these hard moments, God is helping me and sustaining me. I am thankful to God for his faithfulness and for what He is doing in my life, in spite of all the hardships and problems. Due to the lockdown I am unable to carry out my ministry as I normally would, but I still seek to continuously look after my church members, visiting their homes, fellowshipping, praying, and seeking to encourage them each week.

I am thankful to God for using me in His ministry and for allowing me to take care of two church fellowships, one which is newly started near the Indian border.

In Christ’s service,

Rajkumar Rajbanshi

Prayer needs:

  1. Pray for our church and ministry.
  2. Pray for our new church building on the Indian border.