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Greetings to you in the most Holy Name of Jesus.

As the lockdown remains imposed on us, everything is strictly closed besides emergency services. Cases of COVID-19 are multiplying daily, and as a result many are panicked.  But still as long as God is leading us and as long as God is gracious to us, I am endeavoring my level best to lead the churches of God, even during this lockdown. Besides the Sabbath day, I am going to meet with, pray, and encourage our believers wherever they are. For now, due to the lockdown we are still staying in our homes for quarantine where we are having fellowship. I often go to meet our believers, pray with them, and see if they are in need of anything. In this way, I exercise my faith in doing God’s ministry during this time.

To see spiritual and physical growth in the church, I continue serving the people of God even during these difficult days. While serving the church of God recently, a new unsaved woman came to our fellowship, she sat and listened to the Word of God until the very end. I praise the Lord because afterword she responded to the Gospel; this gave me so much joy in my heart to serve the Lord. God is giving me a wonderful privilege to harvest the fruits in His sufficient, abundant kingdom.

Yours faithfully,



Prayer points:

  1. Pray for Nepal and those affected by COVID-19.
  2. Pray for the ministry that it may continue to grow.
  3. Pray for my Hindus relatives to come to the knowledge of Christ one day.