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I extend my warmest greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  By the grace of God and through your prayers, we all are doing well.


I would like to express my sincere thanks for your generous support for the Seal Leadership Training Centre – Nepal and for the church planting ministry. Each day we can see wonderful changes in the lives of our students who come from different backgrounds. Along with the studies in the classroom, the preaching in the chapel services have also been a great blessing for all. Many of the students have been participating in practical ministries in different places; it has been a great opportunity and experience for them to serve others. We aim to win the people for the Lord and help them to be His true and fruitful disciples. Our mission is not just a strongly felt calling but is a part of our life, as it is with every follower of Christ. The great work of God is being carried out regularly through reaching out, teaching, discipling, and establishing local churches.


We are committed to sharing the love of God and good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, in word and in deed, through every medium possible. God has answered prayers for some of our believers and a pastor friend of ours who have been in need of help for a few weeks. Due to the lockdown, their daily lives have been impacted negatively. Praise God that we were able to reach out with a little help and relief for Pastor Bhim Tamang and his family and also to our Baraha Village people, who were in great need of assistance. Though the help we were able to give was small, the million-dollar smiles and happiness on their faces made it all worth the effort!


Many of our new believers need encouragement, counseling, Bible teaching, and, most importantly, prayer.  We have seen many of people’s hearts in the villages change with respect to the Word of God. It’s not because of our greatness, but because of all the prayers that God has answered in giving us freedom to share the Gospel. All is not easy; we still have problems with the church and ask that you keep that in your prayers. We are trying to touch the forgotten, isolated, and marginalized people with the love, hope, truth, and compassion of Jesus Christ. We want to see God do His glorious work through us.

What a wonderful privilege I have in Christ Jesus, knowing that in Him I have received all spiritual blessings. Serving Jesus is our greatest joy, and we pray that He continues to guide us and allows us to minister to His Nepalese people. The Lord is faithful, and we desire to share His faithfulness in what He has done in Nepal. We strive to give our best in whatever we do, knowing that our sincere work is not in vain. Though people may not notice us, we are proving ourselves accountable to the LORD.


Yours faithfully in Christ’s service,

Hanson Pampuinat


Prayer needs:

  • Pray for the Seal Staff
  • Pray for the Training Centre
  • Pray for the Outreach Ministry
  • Pray for the Students
  • Pray for the Pastors
  • Pray for the children’s ministry
  • Pray for our fellowships in different places

Financial needs:

  • Projector/LED for the class room ($1,000)
  • Sound System (Around $2,500)
  • Guitar/Keyboard and other musical instruments ($2,000)
  • Library supplies ($500)
  • All-wheel drive vehicle for the college and ministry purposes ($15,000 for a good used vehicle)