PETER SELTUN, NEPAL – September 2020

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe as we continue to face the same challenges, our hope and faith in Jesus help us to strive toward the better future that God has always promised us.

Constraints continue during this seemingly increasing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the opportunities given to me to carry out the gospel and perform ministry during the pandemic is a witness to God’s grace, mercy, and glory; how glorifying when people repent and pour out their heart to God! The pandemic may be worsening life, but at the same time it is comforting to know that God is turning this situation into blessings for those who believe in Him. I have witnessed these blessings pouring out on God’s people!

Whenever I find an open door for God’s work to take place, I find every way to go, even though mobility is restricted. People are hungry for the gospel more than ever because life is so hard, and without God life is miserable. People’s need for prayer, counseling, and understanding of the Word of God is increasing. I am always looking for the poorest of the poor – to help them in prayer and to preach the Gospel to them.   Although there are many, I am only able to visit a few. In the village called Phung Phung, I visited a stone crusher woman who was a divorcee with a son, a farmer who was staying with his one son, and a daily-wage earning family. All of these families were backslidden and away from God. When I visited with them, I had the opportunity to present the Gospel and to restore their faith in God. I was also able to offer food items to help them.

Challenges in Ministry

People today are so attached to worldly needs.  They are in search of an income, a job, a way to survive and to raise their standard of living, but they have forgotten to seek God. I often come across people who lack spiritual leadership and wisdom. Most of the pastors, deacons, and churches are lacking the leadership and the proper teaching of doctrine.  There are many untrained people, especially laymen, who have no spiritual guidance. When this current pandemic struck them, they were spiritually dead.  They do not know how to establish an intimate relationship with God. Most of them behave like non-Christians since they lack proper training to understand the word of God.  Pray for their growth as followers of Christ.

I am always praying that God will send more laborers to reach many souls.  When we see people who have been hungering for the Gospel for so long, it is heart breaking. As it says in Psalms 118: 17, “I will not die but live to proclaim the work of God”.  As long as I breathe, I will always preach the Gospel!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Seltun

Prayer requests and financial needs:

  • God to continue reaching lost souls
  • Continued financial support
  • Good health and spiritual life