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Greetings to you in the most holy name of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful for God’s abundant grace and mercy that He continues to bestow into our lives and ministry, especially during these difficult days and months. His grace allows us to remain faithful and to continue shining like a candle with our service to Him. We know the life we have here on this earth is uncertain, but the ministry we do is a privilege for God’s glory. When we understand these truths, we are able to continue to strive to complete our God-given tasks until Jesus’ return.  The Holy Spirit is always present to uplift us as we need His reassurance. I experienced this uplifting from the Spirit often last month as I served Him on the mission field.

As we continue ministering through this lockdown, times are difficult. One of my students and I went out to a particular region where we were able to have children’s ministry, common fellowship, prayer ministry, and so on. We thank God for His abundant mercy and grace to continue His work. While we were out ministering, the Holy Spirit guided us to shift to another place called Kajiman Chowk, which is near the India-Nepal border.  We traveled to Kajiman Chowk, where we had fellowship with believers and prayed for individuals who requested prayer. We rejoiced about this new area to serve God’s people as we traveled home.  After a couple of weeks, the Spirit of God guided us to journey out to the mountain region to look after some of the houses of God.  Once again, we followed God’s leading.  We went out to pray for the people, and we were able to encourage, comfort, and have fellowship.

We are grateful for another month of seeing God work here in our area and in the areas around us.

In Christ’s service,

Ps Saimon


Prayer points:

Pray for Nepal and those affected by COVID-19.

Pray for the ministry that it may continue to grow.

Pray for my Hindus relatives to come to the knowledge of Christ one day.