PETER SELTUN, NEPAL – October 2020

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I am continually thankful to God for His protection and strength to continue His work. This past month, I was able to visit some churches in a remote hill area near Manipur, India. I was given the privilege to preach the Gospel, and I was able to offer a counseling session for people who have gone through many traumas and difficulties in life and for some who have strayed from God. Special prayer was organized for many of these people.

In counseling, I met one old man who has worked hard for many years to provide for his family of twelve.  One of his sons is even in jail. This man had been struggling for more than 20 years. He told me he had gotten to this place because of severe poverty and a bad accident, and he had been a drunkard. As I shared the gospel with him, he was willing to repent when he realized that life would be more miserable if he continued to ignore God. We prayed, and he accepted Christ. I promised him that I would visit him again.

I distributed food grain to some poor families. When we visited those areas distributing food, we were able to share the gospel. Just as these families are eager to feed their families physically, God’s Word feeds them spiritually.

I met with several deacons, pastors, and women leaders and had Bible teaching for a few hours. I perceived that there was an eagerness to learn and lack of spiritual guidance. I am praying for training centers for these church leaders so that they can gain spiritual wisdom and help their community to grow maturely in Christ.

I was also spreading awareness about Covid-19 in many areas, providing masks and hand sanitizer. This is necessary because the people are very vulnerable to such a virus where no health care is available, and most of the poor have weak immune systems. Losing life to this virus before receiving Jesus Christ is devastating. When the virus first started spreading, the government restricted people’s movement and then relaxed somewhat due to economic necessity. This gave us a greater opportunity to reach out to our believers. However, at present the ever-increasing number of Covid-19 patients in most villages has slowed us down again because they have prohibited people from entering their villages. Church gatherings are strictly banned. The people in the communities make their own rigid rules to protect themselves from the virus, even more strict than the government’s guidelines. Some villages guard their village entrance. No one can visit sick people; only their family can attend to them or go to their funeral. In such hard times as this, people are crying out to God, especially victims of this virus and the poor. Some have forgotten to seek God and have strayed away from Him. I am praying to reach out to them as much as possible. I am able to communicate with a few people by phone.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Seltun



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