RAJ KUMAR, NEPAL – October 2020

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I greet you all in Jesus’ name!

I am thankful to God and His grace that for the past month I was able to do my ministry well.

Most of my ministry days are overshadowed by the effects of Covid-19, but I still do not lose heart while doing God’s ministry. I am ministering in a village, and I have a branch fellowship in Ranjani that is also being cared for. We have some services in the churches, and we visit our people often. In spite of the challenges we’ve been facing, we have still been able to have some women fellowships and youth fellowships at the church even during this lockdown. We are thankful to God for everything that is still happening in the church.

I strive to always be ready to do anything that brings glory to the throne of grace. No matter what the world might look like, I am ready for the fight against the stronghold of darkness. Nothing matters to me except serving the Lord.


Yours faithfully,
Pastor Raj Kumar


Prayer Needs:
The Ranjani church building project.
The ministry.
My family and church members.