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Greetings from India in the name of Jesus Christ.

I would like to, humbly, thank the Lord and all who support the ministry. This month, the Lord has enabled me to make new strides, in our effort to increase our Gospel influence throughout India. God’s mercies are new every day. There are new evidences of God’s loving-kindness and compassion every day that testify to His great faithfulness.


I had a wonderful Christmas celebration in India this past month with carols, cottage meetings, open-air meetings, and a lot of prayers. December is a fun time, I always look forward to this month because this is the time many people come to the church for prayer. God has given me the opportunity to share the Good News with many people. I thank God for using me for His glory.

I want to see God do His Glorious work through me this year. I desire to win more people for the Lord and help them to be His true and fruitful Disciples.

Yours faithfully in Christ Service

Hanson Pampuinath

2021 prayers needs:

  • Gospel Preaching – in the remote areas of Nepal and India, where the gospel has not been reached
  • Church Planting Ministry
  • Leadership Training Centre
  • A church building near India-Nepal border
  • Financial support
  • Bible and track distribution ministry