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Greetings in the loving name of our God – Jesus!

First of all I am thankful to God for the past month that came out with a new wave of hope in our life. We thought the month of December would go by quietly like other past months on account of the pandemic, but it was not like that. Instead, it brought us new hope, joy, and happiness – all because of the celebration of the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ. Though we continued to see the effects of Covid-19 all around us, we were able to find joy and happiness because of Christmas. We were able to forget about how bad the past several months have been. Jesus is the reason for the season, and we are more grateful for that fact this December. We were able to continue the work of God by celebrating Christmas and delivering the message of the love of Christ to believers and non-believers, whether we were gathered in the church or spending time outside of the church.


Yours faithfully,
Ps Saimon Shiba Sawod