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We hope and pray that all are well. By God’s grace we and the children are all well. Children’s school is running, and they are growing both physically and spiritually. We have18 children here in the Emmanuel Orphanage and children’s school. Twelve children study inside Emmanuel up to class five, and six children study outside Emmanuel from class six. They are very devoted to music class and study consistently.

Church ministry continues. We have Sunday worship services, along with house visiting and prayer and fasting. The church and children’s dormitory that is being built is almost complete. Praise God!

Please continue to pray for me and my health. I am feeling better day by day. I still have to go to the hospital in Kathmandu for continued treatment and checkups.

Thank you for all for your love, prayer, and continued support. We are praying for your families and ministry as well.

Pastor Jeeban Deep Subba

SEAL Christian Church and Emmanuel Orphanage Children’s School (Dharan, Nepal)