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Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.

I am always thankful to the Lord for His servants that pray and support the ministry regularly, even in the midst of all the difficulties of this past year.

In my life I do not find joy in anything else except serving the Lord. I don’t have peace and pleasure apart from seeking the will of God in my life. This is why I serve in the ministry and praise the Almighty with my life and through my ministry. However, I still experience difficult days in my life and ministry, but I press forward for the kingdom of God.

This past month I engaged in ministry both in the church and out in the community. My time was spent preaching the word of God and visiting many believers. I was able to pray with and encourage them with the Word of God to be strong in their faith. I also visited and prayed over several sick individuals.

Please continue to pray for:

The growth of Seal Training Center in Nepal
A building for SEAL fellowship in Kajiman Chowk
Continued financial support

Yours faithfully,
Ps Raj Kumar Rajbanshi