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With prayer and faith, we trust and believe you all are well, as we and the children are doing well by God’s grace. Children’s school continues for everyone, we have daily prayer, Sunday school activities, chapel services and devotions. Church activities are continuing as well, with prayer meetings, cottage meetings, fasting and worship. We joined with pastors and leaders from the Dharan’s fellowship where I taught a group of Dharan’s mothers, conducted one baptism and one marriage ceremony.

Health update:

I returned to KTM hospital for a checkup and continued treatment then returned back home. Please pray for me to be healed completely, and for comfort as I still experience pain.

Please join with us in praying for the orphanage and continued financial support.  We are praying for you and for the ministry of SEAL.

Thank you,

Pastor Jeeban Deep Samba

Church and Emmanuel Orphanage Children’s School – Dharan Nepal