PETER SELTUN, NEPAL – February 2021

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.

As another month passes, I count myself so blessed to be involved in the ministry. I had the privilege to preach the Gospel in my local church and to lead the youth ministry in organized group discussions and counselling sessions. We also spent some time on a beautiful, quiet hillside for prayer and meditation and to give God glory for His love. At a neighboring village we were able to evangelize and hold a church services to offer spiritual encouragement with praise and worship songs. As well as, holding a youth festival to encourage bearing more fruit in the Christian life. We included Bible study, praise and worship, and a group discussion and interaction time. We had blessed event. I believe we need this more often, as many youths are going astray from the right path getting involved in worldly enjoyment. Some have even lost their life from drug abuse.

Challenges we face.

Leaders and pastors feel the need for opening a training centres for youths and emerging Christian leaders since most of them are untrained and need spiritually guidance. Our prayer is that God will enable us to have a youth training centre. 90% of people here claim to be Christian, however, no fruitful church ministry is seen because people with no knowledge of the Word of God are appointed as a church leader, especially in the Hill area. This is why we feel this is so important, in order to grow a mature Christian, we must provide training for such leaders.


  1. Continue reaching lost souls
  2. Good health and financial support
  3. God’s blessing on SEAL ministry

Yours sincerely,

Peter Seltun